Monday, February 12, 2018

Day 2027: As promised, more birds!

Guy: ink, acrylic & gesso on journal page

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As promised, more birds!
I could have added this to yesterday's bird post, but
 I know you are busy & I try to keep posts to 30 seconds.
Today's featured artist, Ryo Takemasa.

Tokyo Midtown invited illustrator Ryo Takemasa 
to illustrate some of the most common birds in Tokyo. 

By teaming up with graphic design studio Tawarasha
they created a wonderful little pamphlet 
of 25 of the most common birds of Japan’s capital. 
They’re all there, from the barn swallow ...

to the brambling

 the pigeon ...

and the brown-eared bulbul ...

 the Japanese tit ...


the Japanese pygmy woodpecker ... 

and the large-billed crow.

More of Ryo Takemasa  & his illustrations here.

Ryo Takemasa is an illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan, graduated from Musashino Art University.
He is doing illustration works for books, magazines, advertising. His work has been recognized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair and 3×3. He is a member of Tokyo Illustrators Society.

A smile for Monday ...

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