Thursday, February 8, 2018

Day 2023: John's in town ...

Mustafhairola: old photo, collage & digital

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I am in the midst of a three day workshop with 
a great Seattle mixed-media artist and friend ...

John Arbuckle.
You can see his work on his daily blog here, and ...
 our fun 4 day NB art retreat in 2016, here, here, here & here.

John is here in SoCal at Lisa Heaney's beautiful venue for ...

"Urgent C – A Shabby Chic Art Journaling"
February 6, 7, and 8, 2018

An art journey where we meander through 
the world of mixed media with artist John Nelson Arbuckle.  
We are exploring a myriad of mixed-media & collage techniques. In just three days we are creating a complete, amazing shabby chic journal using paper, gesso, a variety of paints, ephemera, inks, recyclable materials & more. With John, we are guaranteed to find and express our story in a  community of eager artists. 

We learned new techniques and used recycled & new products.

Making pages and pages to later add to further ...

John guides us with so many skillful demonstrations 
showing the many options & possibilities.


These pages & more will become background
pages in my shabby chic journal.

Before I left, Kitty came to inspect, sit & walk on my pages.

 No harm, no foul. Six more hours tomorrow.
I will post more soon.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Demura sensei, David Alduenda, me, 1992

A smile for Thursday ...

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