Monday, February 5, 2018

Day 2020: In praise of kind men with long arms!

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This will probably be TMI, but it's all true!
Let me tell you about my day? 
I can promise some funny visuals, at my expense. ;op
I dropped my single car key into the junction of 
the trash, recycled bottles & bagged art work in my garage.
I heard it land, but didn't know which one?
I couldn't leave till I found it.
I searched & finally found it the bottom 
of the third & last checked container.

Now off to mail a card to Denise in Yuma.
I went through the P.O. drive through to drop it off. Easy.
I stretched to get it into the drop-box mail slot, it bounced out!
I opened my door. but it had fallen under my car.
I pulled up & out to the side, to go back & get it.
A man in the convertible VW behind had seen my comedy.
He waived my card at me and deposited it.
I thanked him and he said "long arms"!
I said, "it must be nice" & we both smiled. 

Then, I needed distilled water at the grocery store.
The only gallons were really deep on the top shelf.
I stood on the lower shelf, disregarding how I looked,
and did my best to reach, but to no avail. 

So I went to check out and asked for help.
She called on the loud speaker for help on aisle 16.
I returned & tried again, waiting for promised help.
No one came. Finally, abandoning all pride, 
I asked a passing tall gentleman if I could borrow his arms!
In a nano second I had my three gallons in my cart,
and I  thanked him profusely.


So, I am here basically in praise of kind men with long arms.

A smile for Monday ...

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