Monday, January 29, 2018

Day 2013: Long distance family time.

5 kid pony/Aunt Vonda, Aunt Fern, Uncle Pete, Aunt Martha & Aunt Pauline: old photo, collage  & digital

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I watched the Indiana - Purdue college basketball game, solo.
A huge rivalry between the Hoosiers & Boilermakers!

A huge family rivalry as well.
With respect for both universities.
Many graduated from Purdue ...
Cousin Bob, an engineer. graduated & has a whole Purdue room in his house,
with everything "Purdue", everything!
His son, Dr. Scott also graduated
from Purdue, but ...
his four sons graduated from Indiana!
Cousin Janice & husband Bill
graduated from Purdue, also engineers!
Cousin Katha & Donna, both teachers, graduated from Butler, but Donna is married to Bob, so also a Purdue fan.
Cousins Nancy, Jack, John, Martha & I
 graduated from Ball State University, but we enjoy the rivalry too.

Fun to watch Issac Haas, 7'2", 290 lb. high scorer of the game.

The final score was Purdue 74 - Indiana 67, a great close game.
And even though I watched alone, I knew they were all watching the same thing at the same time, in Indiana.
 I could almost hear them!
Thus, long distance family time.

A smile for Monday ...

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