Saturday, January 27, 2018

Day 2011: GH#3 & clouds!

Cousin Katha: old photo. collage & digital

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I have been at the Superheroes house since Wednesday.

Superman & WonderWoman are in Palm Springs on business.

So it's just Grandhunk #3 and Granddog, Laker & I.

And it's good!

Grandhunk #3 home from a long day at OLU 
& then wrestling ...takes time for Laker, 
before tackling 2 hours homework.
After which I watched him play (video game) Fortnite.
The joys of being a Grandma.

Thursday on the way home from Westminster
the clouds were spectacular!

I am always on the lookout for something you might like?

So once off the 22 and 55 freeway, 

at every stoplight long enough,

I took cloud portraits for you & me.

Stratus, cumulus, & strato-cumulus, all for you!

With a bow on it!

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful weekend!

A smile for Saturday ...

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