Sunday, January 21, 2018

Day 2005: Ossa eyes.

barn series 9: photo, collage & digital

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Short story, or as short as I can make it?

About 34 years ago or a little more.
Our family of 3 went for Chinese food at Wing's. A tradition.
Afterward we went to the adjacent pet store, also a tradition.
On one visit we saw a black Sharpei in a cage.
His nails were too long & he seemed sad.
We decided that he wasn't being walked or receiving care.
Even though we had a 160 lb Great Dane at home,
we bought & brought him home & named him Ossa.

Young WW & Ossa

A sweet dog, muscular & strong, but he soon had a problem.
Sharpei's too often have a condition called cherry eye, 
where because of extensive wrinkles & folds...
the eyelashes rub on the eye & third eyelid, causing irritation.
Tacking/eye surgery is necessary. 
Our vet recommended two surgeries, to avoid over correction.
I tried to get in on that deal, but no luck.
Ossa healed well, his eye looked great. 
Mine stayed the same.

A smile for Sunday ...

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