Thursday, January 18, 2018

Day 2002: ink, collage & a band-aid!

barn series 6: old photo, collages & digital

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Last June (here) I got to meet Sister Madeleva ... 
and work with her group, art & contemplation.
A talented group of 12 that varies with their busy schedules.

Sister Madeleva, our hero front left. Photo by a kind husband on Val's phone.

The main attraction & the glue of this proficient group is ...
Sister M. Madeleva, the joyous 86 year old icon.
A contemporary of my hero, Corita (see here).

Her book, 
available on Amazon   
Art for the Soul: 
The Works of Sister Madeleva Williams, CSJ

Visit St. Joseph Hospital & her posters shine throughout the halls.
To see a 1 minute video of her illustrated book, click here.

Sister has a birthday this Saturday & I wanted to make a card to mail & since Thursday's Catalyst class will feature watercolors, 
I started on heavy watercolor cards & envelopes.

I did 12, when I only need one, but ...
that gives me more options, chances & less pressure.
To these I will probably add ink, collage & a band-aid*.
*That was to see if you were paying attention?
Maybe more later?

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

A clinic with Sato sensei, Mission Viejo, August 1984
 Ozawa sensei,  Mr. Dan Ivan sensei, Demura sensei,  
Bob Nishimura, John Yamazaki, Dennis Fong, 
Doug Ivan, Mitchell Nimomiya, and more.

A smile for Thursday ...

(* wish I knew & could credit the artist)

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