Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Day 2000: 5 years, 175 days. No skips.

barn series #4, old photo,acrylic, collage & digital

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Day 2000! 

kanji calligraphy by Demura Sensei. 1.15.2018

5 years, 175 days, everyday.
Not all winners, but still ...  everyday.  No skips.
435,117 views from the Unites States, Italy, Canada, 
Ukraine, Austria, Germany, South Korea, 
United Kingdom, China & Ireland, in that order.
A surprising journey!

I didn't know what to post for Day 2000, 
but decided to re-post  Day 1, the beginning ...
as I start on toward Day 3000, one day at a time.

On Friday, July 20, 2012, Day 1, I wrote ...

Hello out there? I am jumping in without planning, typing skills 
or blog knowledge but determined to get this show on the road. 
A little patience will be necessary on both ends 
as I struggle and learn through my mistakes.

Like you, I have a myriad of interests and views. 
I intend to spill them all out, 
freeing space for new stuff and see what happens. 
To start a blog has been on my to-do list for over three years. 
So to say I am a procrastinator is the ultimate understatement. 
I am wondering what to post first, 
but if I wait for that special "inspirational, 
perfect thing" I will continue to wait?

So, I am posting an Instagram photo from my yard. 
It's of an orchid that wasn't making it inside and 
instead of throwing it out, I put it in my yard near a sprinkler, 
and, in time, it just bloomed! 
I love that and hope this blog can follow that path.

I thank you for your visits and patience. 

70 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

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