Monday, January 15, 2018

Day 1999: Off to Beau!

muse mail#1: collage, gesso & china marker

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Next thing on my to do list is Muse Mail art, a fun group.

art by Thomas LaBadia

We each send a 6x6" artwork each month to 
a different, assigned artist & fellow Muse Mail member.
Many have theirs already in the mail. I feel late.

step 1: 6x6" heavy presentation board.

I have no plan, so will see what happens?

I get out boxes of papers for inspiration.

step 2 (color not accurate)

I start with painter's olive masking paper.

step 3 (color not accurate)

And, a quick ink brush drawing, out of the blue?

step 4

Added three random scraps, just playing.

step 5

Five more torn scraps. I use gluestick & a brayer.

step 6

Not sure, but close to done? Step 4 looks better to me?

step 7

Evidently not knowing when to stop, and dissatisfied ...
I got out white gesso!

step 8

Ruined? I hope not. 
I always say, it's not done till you're done.
Definitely not done, I need a little miracle.

Not a miracle, but china marker & tissue helped.
If I work more, the "overworked police" will come knocking.

Glad to be done, so a "done" dance!
it will be in the mail to New York Tuesday.

A smile for Monday ...

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