Sunday, January 14, 2018

Day 1998: The Fearless Four go to Disneyland!

"Katha's barn & cows" (barn series #3) old photo, collage & digital

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It's Logan's 10th birthday ...

And if Superman is your Uncle & Godfather ...

WW, GH#3, Logan & SM

you head for Disneyland, of course.

Grandhunk #3, Superman, Logan & friends, photo by WonderWoman

Submarine ride, Superman & Logan

Small World & Logan

GH#3 & Superman
WonderWoman & GH#3

The Fearless Four on Magic Mountain

The GH#3 piggyback ride

Happy Birthday Logan!

Father & son, 2002
Father & son, 2018

Disneyland memories!

My day included doing laundry, getting gas,

visiting Granddog Laker while the "Fearless Four" 
as they call themselves, were playing at Disneyland.
Stopped @ Loews to sign & pay for installation of appliances, 
and ...  I learned how to make a gif ...

and now I have to learn how to post it here? ;op
I was able to post in on FB: here, & on Instagram here, but 
evidently there's a limit to how much I can learn in a day?

Thanks again for your patience & visiting today,
I really appreciate you, and your comments. 

A smile for Sunday ...

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