Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day 1995: Do you know Apeman?

Barn series #2: photos, collage & digital

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Once upon a time, a Mom named Luisa ... 
brought her 7 year old son, Michael to learn karate.
A precocious, smart, creative Harry Potter look alike.


It was a good fit & a fun addition to our jr. class.

During training, Michael had what I called a lazy draw-hand
 than hung down, like an ape! After repeated reminders ...
I nicknamed him Apeman, a name he still treasures. 

At age 11 his family moved and we lost Apeman, for awhile.
When 16 and able to drive, he returned to our dojo.

Now a CSF graduate in Japanese, author of "Haiku by Maiku", 

ni-dan in karate & sho-dan in kobudo & batto, taiko drummer, 

business man, cat owner and boyfriend to the beautiful Stacy!

Otanjōbiomedetōgozaimasu Apeman!
(Happy 32nd birthday Michael)

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

New yellow belt, Apeman, 1993

A smile for Thursday ...

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