Monday, January 8, 2018

Day 1992: Kangeiko 2018

SJC barn, photo, collage & digital

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Get up at 4:30 AM, leave at 5 AM, 

drive deserted streets & freeways to Huntington Beach.

As I pulled in I see the fire-pit & growing group in the distance.

left photo by Roy Center
Not as cold as years past, everyone in great spirits.

Training began at 6 AM with a distance run ...

photo by Denese Montano
Warm-ups, basics, kata, games and competitions.

photo by Monica Lopez
then ippon kumite in the water ...

photo by Monica Lopez

photo by Monica Lopez
Finishing traditional training with seiza in the sand.
photo by Denese Montano

Lots of smile after completing Kangeiko 2018!

photo by Denese Montano

After formal Kangeiko training,  some return to the water ...
photo by Monica Lopez

(not as far into the water as usual because of stingray warning)

photo by Monica Lopez
photo by Monica Lopez
14 of us did 18 kata ( for 2018). A fun finish.

photo by Monica Lopea

This is the view as I prepared to leave for breakfast.
Leaving the beach to surfers, bikers, runners & rollerbladers,
until next year.

A smile for Monday ...

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