Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day 1990: It's a tug-a war?

Zoe:  junkmail angel 20, collage

The final of this series. Had fun but ready to move on.
I will continue to include step-by-steps when I remember!




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I have enough years logged in now, 
that I am supposed to be responsible.
And I am most of the time. But I am now in a dilemma.
There are two camps of voices battling in my head.

One is probably right & the other is what I want to do!
Do you ever have that happen?
One is practical, makes sense & is no fun.
The other is what I want to do!
The past year is my first to realize my health is finite.
New revelations and limitations, also no fun.
So ... this Sunday, January 7 is our annual Kangeiko*.
*Traditional cold weather training, 5:30 AM, Huntington Beach.
I have never missed.

Kangeiko with Demura Sensei, 2000

So now, and probably until Sunday morning ...
the mental dialogue goes on.
What do you think will win?

A smile for Saturday ...

Austin Kleon

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