Thursday, January 4, 2018

Day 1988: I remember sitting on my Grandpa's lap ...

Pamela, junk mail angel 18, collage

#18 in the series that I think will pause at #20?
Positive feedback for the step-by-steps, 
so I will continue that on daily art when I can.
Step-by-steps for junkmail angel #18 ...




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Recently & quite often, people ask me, or WonderWoman 
where the giant Grandhunks get their tallness?

WW, GH1, GC = Grandcutie, SM, GH2 & GH3, December 2017

Both SM and WW are normal tall, but
GH#1 (20) is 6'5", GH#2 (18) is 6'3 and 
GH#3 (17) is 6'4 and not done.
I hunted up a picture of my Grandpa, 
 their great, great Grandpa, 6'6" ...

Uncle Skete, Aunt Fern, Aunt Pauline, Uncle Owen, Aunt Martha, Uncle Jerry & Grandpa.

really tall back then. A farmer and father of ten!

Original 10 children, two boys died after childbirth, Ralph died at 16 of appendicitis.

I remember sitting on my Grandpa's lap when I was very little. 
Some were intimidated by his size,
but I was sure he was a softie inside. 
I remember his scruffy stubble.
Once I climbed up on him, uninvited,
after I had eaten bread with sorghum. 
I was sticky and got him sticky. 
He made a fuss but smiled, 
and I knew it was okay. 
I think I did it several times after that, a new game.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

49th birthday celebration @ Crackers & great friend Adrian, 1990

A smile for Thursday ...

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