Friday, July 20, 2018

Day 2185: Sometimes I solve this dilemma with a nap!

vista: collage & acrylic,  6x6"

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As you might imagine, when posting daily ...
(2,185 consecutive days and counting)
there are days when I think "what can I do today?"
Sometimes I solve this dilemma with a nap!
Don't laugh, sometimes it actually works.
Today, after a nap, I opened my e-mails, 
and good friend Stan Hirohata sent me an e-mail on  
other types of gardening ...

The Kei Truck, or kei-tora for short, is a tiny but practical vehicle that originated in Japan. Although these days it’s widely used throughout Asia and other parts of the world, in Japan you’ll often see them used in the construction and agriculture industries as they can maneuver through small side streets and easily park. And now, apparently they’re also used as a canvas for gardening contests.

Fukuharu Zouen

The Kei Truck Garden Contest is an annual event sponsored 
by the Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors.
 Numerous landscaping contractors from around Japan participate by arriving on site with their mini trucks and then spending several hours transforming the cargo bed into a garden.

garden with a pond (and a little fish!) by landscaping contractor Inui Zouen

Other than using the kei truck there are very few limitations 
and landscapers have incorporated everything from benches and aquariums to elements of lighting into their designs. 
Judges then rank the entries based on planning, 
expression, design, execution and environment.

elements of lighting and shoji screens were incorporated into this garden by Kansai Ueki

a large bonsai takes center stage in this piece, also by Kansai Ueki

a large aquarium is a focal point in this garden by Kei’s 

Matsuda Zouen created this very traditional rock garden




When in Japan, I often noticed a small area of land,
planted and turned into beauty. Just because.

And in the mail, a wonderful gift from Santa Ana 
artist and friend Julie Berlier 

a one day admission to all three Laguna Beach art events ...
and Art-A-Fair. All walking distance apart.
What a kind, thoughtful gift! It will be gratefully used!

Thank you Julie! 

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Day 2184: Soft promises ...

cynthia: ink, foil mono-print + collage

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My Dad never made promises, ever.
And so, he never broke a promise.
Mom gave possibilities and some promises.
Do you remember being a kid when time stood still?
When the event seemed to be eons away?
And, if you could get it to be moved sooner, you'd try?
I was thinking about that today, as a very grown adult.
I learned it as a kid, but it's still true.
You learn who makes soft promises. They teach you.
With good intentions they promise, 
but you have learned over time, 
that something more important may come up.
So you don't let 100% of your heart believe, 
so it won't hurt if it falls through.
Very childlike indeed.

83 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Doug Ivan, Demura Sensei, Makoto Ibushi, demo, 1980

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Day 2183: Yesterday I "played hookie."

Leonard, ball point pen, continuous line drawing

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Yesterday I "played hookie."
I always train on Mondays.
But, I was bothered by stuff I won't go into.
So even though I was dressed for class, 
when the time came, I decided to go to a show.
I went to see the movie ... Won't you be my neighbor?

A 93 minute. PG-13 documentary, directed by Morgan Neville.
It's been in the theaters since June 8th, so I thought I'd have 
the early afternoon theater to myself. Wrong. 
More than half filled, the audience was split between 
what looked to be maybe retirees and the four rows in front 
of me seemed to be upper teen to college age.

Neville talks to just about everybody alive who knew 
Fred Rogers intimately: his wife, his two sons, his longtime 
casts and crews on the PBS series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.
There are the extensive excerpts from his show, 
which reinforce how quietly radical the series was 
and tells the show’s story from the beginning, 
and how he created a space on TV that was quiet.

I enjoyed it. You can see the 2+ minute trailer here.

84 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Day 2182: Another week ready to fly by.

taikomochi: old print, collage & digiital

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"Issey Miyake converts 132 year old Kyoto Machiya, 
a traditional wooden townhouse, into a new Boutique & Gallery."

photo by Masaya Yoshimura

       Sumi, a shade of charcoal grey that comes from Japanese
        calligraphy, served as the inspiration for fashion designer 
  Issey Miyake’s new Kyoto boutique, which opened last weekend. 
     It was designed by longtime collaborator Naoto Fukasawa, 
    the product designer best-known for work for MUJI products.
     Together, they’ve created a shop that is discreet and elegant.

photo by Masaya Yoshimura

courtyard behind the shop, photo by Masaya Yoshimura

The new shop is nestled along the small Yanaginobanba-dori 
street in Kyoto’s Sanjo neighborhood. It sits inside a 132-year old machiya, or townhouse, and has been beautifully renovated. 
The facade, which has remained largely intact, conceals most of the interior except for light that passes through the dark latticed wood. In fact, the only place where any sign appears is in the corner 
of the noren curtain, where the minimal logo appears.

photo by Masaya Yoshimura

One of the reasons that Miyake chose this particular townhouse was because it included a courtyard and kura, a storage facility that historically was used to house things like grain and sake. 

photo by Masaya Yoshimura

This kura has been turned into a gallery space that will host several revolving exhibitions each year. The inaugural show features another one of Miyake’s long-time collaborators: the late graphic designer Ikko Tanaka.

2nd floor, photo by Masaya Yoshimura

            Issey Miyake Kyoto  is open from 11:00am – 8:00pm. 
                   They carry Homme Plisse Issey Miyake, 
                 Issey Miyake Men and Bao Bao Issey Miyake.

Bloom Skin

a gorgeous wind installation for Designer, Issey Miyake


One of Issey Miyake’s more innovative retail projects in 2012.

Visual design studio WOW created an installation

of 8 computer controlled fans and a single piece of fabric. 

Called ‘organdie,’ the ultra-light fabric, which is also used throughout the collection, creates gentle wave-like motions as it dances in the show window

Calming and gorgeous ...

A smile for Tuesday ...