Sunday, December 31, 2017

Day 1984: It may be nearing an end.

Lahaina:  junk mail angel #14, collage

My plan continues, doing a daily junk mail angel, until I don't.
I think it may nearing an end. Are you tiring of the series?
Meanwhile, a quick step-by-step of #14 ...

A side note: I noticed a strip of wrapping paper... 
and got the idea to use it for a headdress?
Later I was sorry that I had started it, 
but had too much time in to quit! ;o)




Want music?


Click here for Hall & Oates, Sara Smile
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?

Been off schedule & trying to get back to normal.
I used to journal daily, a little art & some scribbles.
I still do, but not as regularly or daily. Today I started back. 

If felt good, because in my journal I just write for me,
nobody sees or cares. In this daily blog I monitor 
myself and really want to be upbeat & positive. Fun.
Nobody wants to spend their 30 seconds with negativity.

So to unload on a page, as it surfaces, is a gentle therapy.
Also, I have a 4 week class starting next Thursday ...
so just getting in gear.

A smile for Sunday ...

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