Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 1971: When you're a grown up ...

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When you're a grown up ... and you live alone, you can 
get away with opening a beautiful Christmas present early!
I put it by my tree ...

with good intentions of waiting a week ...
but it seemed to be calling to me, "Open me!"

It's from the Moss family, Hannah & her Mom Jennifer 

Hannah, age 13

came by the sale yesterday & delivered it, and this ...

how cool is that?  I haven't put it to use yet, but will Monday.
I felt a little guilty opening the lovely wrapping ...
but it passed. Then it looked like this ...

and then inside it looked like this ...
five beautifully wrapped tiny shapes ...

making opening each one a special surprise.

And finally five terrific tiny sumo wrestlers! 

sumo chopstick holders

 Only people close to me know that I am a Sumo fan.

I love everything about Sumo.
The traditions still honored.
The cleansing of the ring.

The skill and dedication.
The idea of a 15 consecutive day
basho (tournament) and the 
champion being the winner
of 15 days of competition.
And, the fact that you can't tell
by the sumo player's demeanor ,
which is the winner or defeated.
No boasting. Manners.
I love Sumo.

So much so, that back in the day ...
I subscribed to SUMO DIGEST!

top: Wakanohana, bottom photo Takanohana
Especially following Yokozuna Champions & brothers, 
Takanohana & Wakanohana!

My favorite, Wakanohana.

So you see these young guys have come to a good home.
Thank you Moss Family!

A smile for Monday ...

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