Sunday, December 17, 2017

Day 1970: I literally saw red!

hibiscus: watercolor

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Saturday was the sale, and I made it.
I was sitting wondering what I would do for Day 1970?
I didn't want to use the sale, 
as I thought you are surely sale-d out by now?
Later when I went outside at Catalyst I saw red!
Literally, Ferrari red! I gawked!

I am after all, my Dad's daughter, and I love cars.
I actually went into the restaurant and asked the owner
if I might take pictures of his car. 

I told him I do a daily blog. He said yes.

He asked what my blog was about?

I told him tomorrow it would be about his Ferrari!

A gorgeous sculpture, in red.

every detail ...

design perfection.

I think it's a Ferrari 488 GTB?

Great from every angle, even parked!
Thank you kind Ferrari owner.

A smile for Sunday ...

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