Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 1966: Beauty from across the planet!

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I thought I might share my birthday gift with you?
Through FB I have met some wonderful, real friends.
One is Heidi from Austria!
She gave me permission to share the photos and
her words are so much better than mine ...

photo by Heidi

"Yesterday we went for a fine walk as we had some 
sunshine in the morning. If you look closely you can 
see the Alps in the background."

photo by Heidi

photo by Heidi

photo by Heidi

Dec 6th is St. Nicolas day. 
(wiki: "He had a reputation for secret gift-giving, 
putting coins in the shoes of those left them out for him, and thus became the model for Santa Claus, whose English name comes from the Dutch Sinterklaas.")
Children get little gifts and sometimes Nicolas comes in person to speak to them and hands them a little bag with some goodies. 
When I was a child St. Nicolas was accompanied by some Krampus. They frightened us as they were looking really awful.
("Krampus," of which there is no American equivalent. The Krampus is a devilish looking character who goes around wielding his "Rute" (this is translated as "rod," but I think "switches" would be a more accurate description of the whipping device) and beating children who have been naughty, while St. Nicholas gives presents to those who have been good. Krampustag (Krampus Day) is celebrated here in Austria on December 5 and they have what is called a "Krampuslauf" (Krampus Walk). At a Krampuslauf, the "Krampusse" march out together and then run around beating people in good fun. Though they are frightening looking creatures, most kids find it fun, not scary--sort of like kids in the U.S. would find scary Halloween costumes.)
Our little self sewn bags were filled with some apples, tangerines, walnuts, peanuts and of course some sweets and a chocolate Nicolas. Agnes and Konrad had fun to open it and were very pleased with  the "gummi bears" and "smarties" - 
I hope you can understand what I meant ....."

Just charming, thank you dear Heidi! 

this coming Saturday ...

A smile for Wednesday ...

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