Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 1964: Finally found that spirit!

"Yolie": graphite, acrylic , collage & digital

Want music?


Click here for  Johnny Mathis, 99 miles.
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I recently asked blog readers if they were in holiday spirits?
The majority said not yet. 
It was still early December & I agreed with them.

 WonderWoman & Superman invited me 
to join them Sunday at ...

and watching these 219 high school singers and dancers ...
excavated and ignited my spirits.

As Superman said: "Such an awesome performance by 
the Orange Lutheran performing Arts. It is such an amazing 
thing to watch all of these talented young adults 
using their gifts to glorify God."

A full house waited at the beautiful Nachita Performing Art Center.

And so it began ... music and dance.

I was there as a fan of the school, their arts program
and especially OLU junior, Grandhunk #3

Finishing the 28 musical performances below with 
soloist Jacob Kent and all choirs singing 
"O Holy Night" bu candlelight.

I came prepared with tissues.
 I can watch anybody's children sing & soon cry. Fact.
The older I get, the tears are closer & ready.
Watching my Grandhunk #3's solo & the choirs melted me.
And, for the record, he's the cute one above.

A smile for Monday ...

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