Thursday, December 7, 2017

Day 1960: ... wait & celebrate both together.

NuMadonna, 16x20"canvas, mixed media

close up areas of "NuMadonna", 16x20"canvas, mixed media

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In yesterday's blog, Day#1959,  here
I asked 8 quick questions.
I wondered if anyone would respond?
I don't often get comments.

tiny Santa from Karen Hirota Tamura, 1956

Artist/friend Norma was second to answer..
Asked if she had a tree up, she said:
"Next week. I always wait until after Bob's birthday, Dec.3."
I said: That's so nice that you wait till after Bob's birthday. 
Then I remembered when I was little, I was told that since 
my birthday was so near to Christmas, 
we would wait & celebrate both together.
One gift for both on Christmas day. 
When I grew up I wanted to wait till after my birthday 
to decorate, since it was still 2 weeks away.
Now I am already decorated, in my tiny way ...

I love my tiny tree!

before my birthday, 
it doesn't seem so important now.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Wearing young WW's Big Bird hat, 1975

A smile for Thursday ...

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