Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 1912: Cheap Date!

Clara, ink, collage on flip book

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Recently, on a day with Grandhunk #1, here, Day #1890.
I took so many photos & some strange ones.
At one point, Jordan smiled, as is in disbelief,
as he watch me shoot this sweet old tree. 

No plaque for explanation.
Surely at some point, the post had been adjusted
to aid this aged leaning tree. Poignant, I thought.
Don't we all need support & help at different times in our life.
I smiled back at Jordan and explained ...
that it takes very little to thrill me. 
I am a cheap date!

So in this crazy world that confounds reason, maybe 
it would help to practice appreciation on a daily basis? 
Maybe we could spend more time outdoors, and 
reflect on our blessings & relationships with others?

Animals seem to?

86 degrees,  cloudy, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Friday ...

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