Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 1910: Time to be a grown up.

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So tired today. 
Doing paper work, (not collage) is so tedious!
I am trying to get my stuff in order. Ughhh!
Newsflash to self, I am not getting any younger!
And if it's hard work today, it will be harder later, right?
Time to be a grown up. No fun at all!
And then there's this blog #1910 calling?
So as I went through files, I came across this ...

circa 1920?

I thought it's season appropriate, and
some of you might like the vintage artwork?

It's from my Grandma to her daughter, my Mom.
I love looking at her handwriting ...
from nearly 100 years ago. Precious.

And a mailbox bonanza!
This great postcard from Minnesota artist & friend, 

I love his work & this really saved my day!

Thanks Terry!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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