Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 1904: My treasures under pressure?

firefighter: collage, acrylic & digital.

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Thank you to so many of you who reached out to us 
during the fire evacuation, it really touched my heart.
I am home as of 8:30 AM Wednesday morning, unpacked,
running a/c non stop & getting back into my schedule.

. . . . 

My cousin Donna, asked what I took on such short notice?
Maybe like you, I had thought but never made plans or a list?
Perhaps because I came home from Monday's day class tired, 
hoping for a nap, when I was faced with mandatory evacuation,
I didn't panic or worry. Just packed 2 bags and my laptop.
And, at the last minute, loaded 3 shoe-boxes of old photos.
What I did pack was Aunt Vonda's beautiful old Bible ... 


Dated on her birthday, but in 1961, she read through 
the entire Bible eleven times.
 Keeping the dates on the inside cover.

Inside are underlined passages, side notes, 
her own handwriting, always in green ink.
bookmarks & mementos. A well used Bible.
All precious memories of Aunt Vonda.


My first black belt circa 1979,

retired to a lovely kimono silk bag in 1991.
Threadbare, ragged and worn, but ...

to me, precious, irreplaceable & beautiful.
My treasures under pressure?

. . . .

Wednesday update:

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Wednesday, Day 3 of the Canyon Fire, WonderWoman said: 
"On my drive home up Serrano I was looking at the charred hills then noticed a few spots still smoking. As I was ready to call the Fire Dept, I noticed a line of 20+ firefighters heading up the hill to the smoke.....God Bless our firefighters."

80 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA.

For FB Throwback Thursday:

Anaheim YMCA

Demura sensei's Inter-dojo tournament, 1982 with
Sakagami sensei & Sato sensei. 

A smile for Thursday ...


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