Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Day 1923: Goodbye October!

New Gothic:  drawings, acrylic, old photo & digital.

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Goodbye October ... a fast and furious ride!

I'm not sure if you felt it or not, but to me it seemed 
like someone turned up the speed October 1st?
Seemed like more things than normal to fit in the schedule?
Then here in SoCal, we've had record heat, Santa Ana winds, 
fires almost daily & even mandatory evacuations.

So pardon me if I am a bit "witchy"?

74 degrees, Cloudy, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, October 30, 2017

Day1922: A $12 dollar tux for Carnegie Hall!

Terry, graphite, collage, acrylic & digital

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I love this story!

Cousin Donna sent me this picture of handsome husband, Bob!
You know I am already a fan, as in a recent blog here.
I knew that he would be singing with a choir at Carnegie Hall.
And, only a tux will do for such an auspicious occasion.


Bradenton Herald Newspaper reported:
Twenty - four talented members of Faith United Methodist Church Choir will take the trip of a lifetime to NYC where they will join approximately 250 other singers from around the world on stage at Carnegie Hall, the most famed concert venues of  all.  The group will participate in a performance of Joseph Martin's "Appalachian Winter" on Nov. 27, during Distinguished Concerts International's NY Concert Series at Carnegie Hall.  In preparation, they will also spend nine to ten hours in rehearsals led by Martin during their five-day stay. The group was selected to take part in the highly prestigious concert series after their choir director was contacted by the associate director of Carnegie Hall who had come across its Christmas Cantata "Invitation to a Miracle" (also composed by Joseph Martin) on line and requested a recording be submitted for consideration. 

A bus will take all  to Tampa for flight to NYC.  Carnegie has made the flight plans and plans where we will be staying in NYC.  The choir here has had many money making events which includes go fund me and last week's event at Powell Crosby Estate with the tux and on Sat. 11th the choir will perform at the beach which will have an admission with proceeds used for the trip.

But Donna filled in the story in a recent e-mail.
"Last spring he went to Goodwill in Indiana
& Bob found this tuxedo for $6.00 ...
he took it to cleaners which cost $6.00 to have cleaned.    
So, he got that outfit for $12.00 and will 
give back to Goodwill after singing at Carnegie in NYC." 
Looks like a million to me, Bob!

Sunday's fourth & final class in the series ...

Three hours working on acrylic collage papers ...

collage papers demo

canvases, acrylic, graphite & collage 

graphite & acrylic on canvas demo

experimenting with colors & graphite demo

by Sharon

and working with graphite & mixed media on large paper ...

by Sharon

works in progress by Sharon

canvas by Betty

double canvas by Betty

canvas by Betty

collage papers by Betty

collage papers by Janice

by Janice

by Janice

by Connie

double canvas by Connie

by Connie

A fun group!

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Day 1921: Shihankai 2017

WW@3, old photo & digital

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An annual event for traditional Japanese martial artists ...
the Hokubei Karate-Do Shihankai Seminar.
Last year, 2016 featured here, 2013 here, & 2012 here.

Katsuhide Sensei, Goju-ryu, teaching Kururunfa

Hanabata Sensei, Goju-ryu, teaching Kururunfa

Arashiro Sensei, Ryuei-Ryu, teaching Heiko

Kiyama Sensei, Daito-Ryi Aiki Jitsu

Kata, Seisan/Hangetsu by Sensei's of different styles

Sugimoto Sensei, Shotokan-Ryu, teaching Hangetsu

Miki Sensei, Shito-Ryu, teaching Seisan

Chu Sensei, Judo
Nishimura Sensei, Wado-Ryu

Hokibei Shihankai Appreciation Awards to some of the Sensei's

Demura Sensei, Shito-Ryu, teaching Japanese calligraphy

Shihankai 2017

Members received a one of a kind t-shirt,

a certificate ...

and a wonderful six hours of learning & friendship.
Thank you Hokubei Karate-Do Shihankai!

A smile for Sunday ...