Saturday, September 30, 2017

Day 1892: Eye candy and great mail!

Inez, old photo, collage & digital

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33 pieces of eye candy, hand-picked from me to you ...

compliments of Anthropologie & Crate & Barrel ...

WonderWoman shops, I shoot.

Yes, I'm the crazy lade taking close-ups of stuff.
Let me know if you like it, I have more!

                  A great postcard from Seattle artist, John Arbuckle ...

makes my day, any day!


Thank you John!

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, September 29, 2017

Day 1891: A day of Wows!

Gabrielle, graphite & gesso

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On a beautiful SoCal day at ...

I thought the third of four class series was full of Wow's ...

Last class next Thursdays, October 5, 2017 -- 10 to 1:00PM
Join artist Jacki Long for this fun mix media workshop series. Each week work on a different project, including mini journals, canvas, postcards and more! Play with portraiture using graphite, acrylic, paint markers, watercolor, and collage in this truly mix media class.
REGISTRATION: sign up $45 per class. Ages 15+. Skill Level: All. All supplies included.
If you're near and free, maybe come join us?

by Betty

by Betty

by Maggie

by Connie

by LaVena

by Marilyn


by Ann

by Connie

by Marilyn

by Maggie
by Janen

by Janene

by Irene

by Ann

Also working in the flip-book & mini journal ...

by Maggie

by Connie

by Irene

And we made collage papers ...

(L) demo: (R) by Irene

by Marilym

Artists were encouraged to experiment, new colors & exaggeration.

by Maggie

8 artists, 3 hours & even more Wow's!

Starting this Sunday for four weeks ...

Mixed Media Play
Sundays, October 1,  8, 22 & 29, 2017 -- 12 to 3PM
During this collage & mix media workshop with Jacki Long you will play with a variety of materials and techniques. Each week is a new adventure. Collage and paint in a mini journal, play with paint, markers, and more on canvas, make postcards, and create a magic book with heavyweight watercolor paper. A fun, relaxed 3 hour class.
 $160 for the series or $45 per class. Ages 15+. Skill level : All.
All materials provided. Information & sign up here!

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 1890: Jordan's got clout!

coy: ink & collage on journal page.

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Two weeks ago Grandhunk #1 asked me if I wanted 
to join him on a fieldwork trip for his anthropology class.
Didn't matter the reason, a yes was forming on my lips.

Then he said it was to Olvera Street, and I said ,,,

Is the Pope Catholic? OF COURSE!
So he picked me up at 10 AM & we were off to LA.

Once parked and at Olvera Street, another world.

Full of sparkling colors and treats.

Treasures galore.

Toys & more.

Gifts, big and tiny ...

Something for everyone, girls & boys ...

Eye candy everywhere ...

Hard not to come home with something?

And then there is the city, beautiful Los Angeles.

LA City Hall in the distance

The still present flavor of Old California.

With City Hall in the background. ...

LA City Hall in the distance

And some graffiti on the way home.

Three hours to treasure. I was there when he was born ...
 and I love him endlessly.

Jordan's got clout!
That's a popular term that 
only the hippest Grandma;s know!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

1973 brochure, Japanese Village & Deep Park, Buena Park, CA.

Mr. Dan Ivan, Demura sensei, Sho Kosugi

A smile for Thursday ...