Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 1862: More steps ...

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Want music?


Click here for Charlie Puth, Attention.
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?

Another quick step by step postcard ...
I took this one on as a challenge.

step 2  junk mail collage
step 1 drawing & watercolor

- - - ->

step 3 ,ore junk mail collage
step 4 add polka dots & ink

- - - ->

step 5 finishing touches

Not my favorite, but fun to try & save a sketch & make a card.

step 6  backside

I love doing a small collage on the address side of each postcard.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Erin, age 2 & Uncle Skete, Lebanon, Indiana 1975

Happy Birthday to Uncle Skete, an angel in heaven.
(mentioned & pictures here)

A smile for Thursday ...

The first sign of the Alpacalypse!

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