Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 1861: Go take that test.

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Another memory,  a short story ...

We were married in 1962, before our senior year in college.
We rented the upstairs apartment in Mom Hunt's house.
She was my husband's fraternity house mother.
We thought she was ancient at the time, 
but now I realize she was probably my age.

In October, during the Bay of Pigs and Cuban missile crisis
I had a really difficult kinesiology final exam to go to, but...
was immobilized by the very real threat of war in the news.
Mom Hunt came in to find me sitting in the stairway.
I was deciding whether to go or not, and not was winning.
She asked if I was okay? I said yes, but she knew better.
I explained that I didn't see any reason to go to the test,
as everything seemed so hopeless, doomed.

She sat beside me, patted my knee and gave
some words of advice, the one's I still remember ...
"Oh Honey, life goes on. Go take that test."
I did.

A thought for Wednesday ...

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