Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 1860: Will power of a gnat!

heatwave selfie:  collage, photo & digital

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You know a gnat, right? Tiny, right?

Imagine the size of their will power?
That's me, with the will power of a gnat!
Not all the time, but ...
when Grandhunk #1 calls & says ...

"Mom (WW) & I want you to join us for lunch @ 11:45?"

For anyone else asking it would be an easy "sorry",
as I have used this reply for 46 years ...

but, in a nano-second I said "Yes Please!"
And thus gnat will power sends the excuse out the window!

I have my priorities in order, most of the time.
And, lunch was delicious!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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