Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 1846: Beau saved my life ...

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Artist Beau Gostomsky saved my (blog) life today ...
another one of those days when I wondered
what might drop from the sky & be a blog?

I opened my mailbox, and saw a
a bright yellow envelope from New York.
Inside was this gorgeous postcard from Beau!
Beau is one of the great Muse Mail artists.
Heavy cardboard with layers & layers of ...
collage, stamps, distress, inks & magic!
This image does not come close to doing it justice.
I wish you could hold it & study it, yummy! 
Thank you Beau for such a treasure, and ...
for saving my life! 


I got a reply from Beau,  he has a great 3 minute video 
of the process that went to making this stunning postcard, 
the necklace. I think you'll enjoy it. Click here.

He has more, I loved them all & subscribed.

82 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

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