Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 1845: Battling a bad habit.

him, graphite, gesso & acrylic on canvas

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One of my bad habits ...
I rarely finish an unfinished class project.
I think I will get back to it, but I usually don't. 
Yesterday's class, I demonstrated on a 40 x 40" canvas.
First with graphite, then acrylic & gesso.

start, upper right corner of canvas

My wet graphite application was too heavy so I ...

mono-print of upper right corner of canvas
blotted with newsprint, making a mono-print.
This always surprises & pleases me.

photo by Irene Raphael

Next was covering the canvas. 
Because I didn't seal the graphite, it blended 
into the original scarlet red acrylic and turned it rusty. 
Another accident that I kept.

start, upper left corner of canvas

I discussed layout & composition possibilities for the class .
I zoomed in on this for a close up, because I liked it.

start, total canvas

Some artists in class had a plan, most didn't.
I was one of the latter, but felt I got kinda lucky with this layout.
I always stress just going for it, so I have to do that too.
I stopped, helped others & photographed until ...

collage, upper right corner of canvas

some asked about collage & gel medium application,
so I demonstrated adding some tissue, about 8 strips.
Then I was asked if I was going to leave the guy?

lower left corner of canvas

I said, I thought so. It was about then I started
using peoples left over acrylic paint. I hate to waste it.

close up, upper right corner of canvas
addition, upper right corner of canvas

I added leftover ocher and flesh tone acrylics to his & her face.

close up, top of guys head

So this is what I came home with. 
I do like it, which isn't always the case.

full canvas, as is, Sunday 4:07 PM

I think it is 3/4 done? Not sure, as ...
I really like the unfinished look & don't want to lose that.
He seems to be saying "hey, don't leave me like this!"
I am sure one of you wonders about that red blob on her face?
Well, it was an accident & I kept it?  ;o)
So. we'll see what happens from now (4:15PM)?
Now 9:30 PM and after a break I added a little ...

lower left corner of canvas

very little actually. It's subtle.
I'm not sure if I am just tired or lazy, 
but here's the final version, as of now.

final, full canvas, as is, Sunday

I would really like your views, if you have time?

A smile for Monday ...

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