Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 1842: Rust & metal ...

Aunt Fern, collage, old photo & digital

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Another month, another second Wednesday and ...
7 "Eastsider's" got together to stir up an art project.
Linda was our fearless leader & we were to make
our own versions of metal sitting dolls. We did.

Frida & friend by Martha

It was an all day project.
One that looks easier than it is.
But we all had fun.

These figures are:
created on sanded 
light weight metal -
roof flashing, 
cut with tin snips,
with gel medium,
collage papers,
a variety of fabrics,
markers and paint,
ribbons and buttons,
decorative items.

Once folded, 
they can sit on a 
mantle or bookshelf.

Granddaughters Sophia & Isabella, by Norma

Sherrill, Joel & Granddaughter by Sherrill

Granddaughter Josie, by Josie

Grandson Collin, by Josie

Metal Menagerie by Libby

Granddaughter Chloe & Grandson,  Deanie, by Linda

"UNFINISHED Work in Progress:" SM&WW, GH'S #1,2&3 by jacki

In between laughs, stories, no phones or tv, 
we seven sat around a big table and had fun.
Can you tell? 
Thanks Linda!

Across the street from Linda's perfect cottage ...
the City of Costa Mesa, knowing that I love rusty stuff ...
brought in huge, giant wheels, about 20 feet high?

Okay, maybe 8 feet high, for me to get close ups.

Thank you City of Costa Mesa. I liked it a lot,
but Linda & Robert are ready for you to go. 

A smile for Friday ...

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