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Day 1840: More on Madame ...

Madame Modjeska, collage, old photo & digital

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Yesterday, here, my artwork then, as today's is of  
In response to a few inquiries and ...
 always needing a blog, I will go there.
 I know just a little about her, but I can google.

Helena was beautiful, talented, and dedicated to her craft, 
and was soon recognized as an actress of substance.
Born in Krakow, Poland, Helena grew up in a household 
of six talented children, of whom four became actors. 
She made her amateur acting debut at age 20, and 
soon joined a company of strolling players managed by 
Gustave Modrzejewski, who fathered her two children, 
Rudolf (Ralph) & Marylka. 


In 1868, she married Karol Bozenta Chlapowski, 
an actor/director who skillfully managed his wife's career 
for 40 years. 

(Ultimately he became known in the U.S. and other 
English-speaking countries as Count Bozenta. 
They also anglicized Modzejewska to the more 
pronounceable Modjeska.)

Arden, was their beautiful home in Orange County's 
Santiago Canyon, where they would rest and recuperate 
and plan the next season's schedule of productions. 
Modjeska wrote a friend of her home, Arden, 
“a beautiful and quaint old town which was still 
untouched by the feverous breath of civilization, 
where  no one worked very hard, where fruit and songs 
were the nourishment of the young and old.”


 On May 2, 1905, she gave a Jubilee Performance in 
New York City, then toured for two years before 
ending her acting career. After she appeared 
only occasionally in support of charitable causes. 
She died April 8, 1909, at 68, in Newport Beach, CA.
 Her remains are buried in Rakowicki Cemetery 
in Krakow, Poland.

It wasn't until after her death in 1909 that a portion 
of the canyon was renamed Modjeska Canyon. 
At the same time, the north peak of Saddleback Mountain 
 was named Modjeska Peak. Her home, Arden is now 
a registered National Historic Landmark. 

book by Beth Holmgren

A few years ago I visited her home nearby. 
Well worth the drive & wonderful to walk through history.
If you're in SoCal, it's so doable. Reservations advised.

For reservations, 
contact the South County Historical Parks office 
 (949) 923-2230 or
Park Brochure
Park Map


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