Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 1835: Memories of donuts?

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Sometimes people ask  ...
how I come up with something everyday
now blogging daily over 5 years continuous, at 1835 days. 
Well today I was aided immensely by Jan,
who sometimes comments on my silly blog.
Jan referred to yesterday's blog here.

Jan  9 hours ago  Shared publicly

Jacki, great story! The term "huckster" brought up memories. 
They existed even in the big city of Philadelphia, along 
with the "ice man" and the portable carnival ride, 
and of course, the milk man.
Replying as Jacki Long

Thanks Jan, I am glad it brought back good memories.
When I was a high school teenager, living with my Dad, 
they used to have Helms Bakery trucks that drove through the neighborhood, with a distinctive whistle that was somehow 
related to Pavlov's bell, because it caused drooling! 
Wow! I think I may have tomorrow's blog? ♥ 
Thanks Jan!

The Helms Bakery was a SoCal fixture 1931 to 1969. 
Their unique mustard yellow colored coaches & a distinct 
"toot-toot" train-like whistle, signaling the Helmsman had arrived. 
 This scene was repeated daily by a fleet of approximately 
five hundred vans in the neighborhoods of Southern California.
Their slogan was “Daily at Your Door” and their products 
were delivered throughout southern California 
by delivery wagons with pull-out wooden drawers of donuts,
and packed with fresh loaves of bread, cookies and cakes.
Pictures can't do justice to my memories of the anticipation ... 
the aroma, and oh the taste of those donuts! 
I remember the glazed icing flaking off the soft, airy circle
& trying to catch every bit.
The appeal to kids was the long wooden drawers 
containing endless rows of the most delicious cookies, 
donuts, brownies, and cupcakes ever created. 
The goodies arranged in each drawer were lined up like soldiers. 
Even in our rather low income neighborhood, 
it seemed there was always some change for donuts. 

The Helmsman was friendly and helpful, 
and even knew many of the neighborhood children by name. 
The Helmsman wore an official Helms hat, tie 
& a shiny chrome coin changer on his belt.
It was such fun to get change! If you were especially lucky, 
he might give you a cardboard Helms coach.
foldable, cut-out Helms truck
Some customers used the signal card in their window, 
but I don't remember seeing that in our neighborhood. 

The Helms Bakery had a strong sports heritage. 
Their Olympic Bread commemorated their official sponsorship 
of the 1932 Olympics, which were held in Los Angeles.

Their main facility was in Culver City, Los Angeles and is still 
a landmark for the area, now hosting a number of restaurants 
and stores in what is known as the Helms Bakery District.

Thank you Jan! ♥

A smile for Friday ...

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