Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 1833: TMI and a time-out!

pursuit, ink sketch & junk mail collage

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Yesterday (here) I whined, ranted & pouted like a spoiled child!
I am actually big on gratitude, but you wouldn't have known it.
My dinky discomforts were given earthshaking prominence 
even though I tried to make it funny.
WW called & said "not funny!" and I was embarrassed.
Today I am on a self-imposed time out! Restriction. Rest.
Still in pj's, glasses, no contacts in so far ...
but my bed is made so there is some hope!
I texted Julie to see if she has an opening this week?
Her only opening (and yes she is that good!) is tomorrow.
I replied that I would take it and that I would 
be counting on her to create a miracle.
Some of you know, a fresh hair do can work wonders?
So today I ramble on with an open day to use ...
and next up?  Water the yard then a shower?

I did water the yard, but looked over at the 
quiet, empty pool ... which seemed to beckon & be a good idea.
20 laps, 10 kata & jacuzzi, then the shower. Tired.
Then WW called and said "rest"!
TMI? This whole blog is surely TMI?
I apologize.

Ahhh, life goes on, an ad ... for September.
It will be here before we are ready.

Faces in A Crowd Series
Thursdays, September 7 , 14, 21 & 28, 2017 -- 10:00AM to 1:00PM
Join artist Jacki Long for this fun mix media workshop series. Each week work on a different project, including mini journals, canvas, postcards and more! Play with portraiture using graphite, acrylic, paint markers, watercolor, and collage in this truly mix media class.
REGISTRATION: $160 for the series -or- $45 per class. Ages 15+. Skill Level: All.
Limited seats are available for these classes, so sign up today!

(BTW: Mixed Media on Big Canvas, Saturday August 12th,  10 - 3PM
is sold out* & and there is a waiting list, thus it is not advertised by ASW.
*A limit of 11 standing easels limited the enrollment.)

A smile for Wednesday ...

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