Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 1832: Attack of the amoxicillins!

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It's a battlefield. 
Or a stationery dark thunder cloud overhead.
I am under siege and feeling very sorry for myself.
I am being attacked by the dreaded amoxicillins!

Unfortunately necessary, but painful to endure.
The siege started Friday and they are winning.

their weapon

I am fighting back with probiotics, 
but I need more help, more manpower.
I feel like I am being poisoned, and ...
have to take more poison three time a day till it's gone!
Sunday I attended our annual summer seminar (here). 
I made it through 22 kata before I fizzled like a spent candle.
More feeling sorry for myself as I watch strong healthy bodies.
I came home early & hid in a 3 hour nap.
I do know I will be better when the dreaded

amoxicillins are gone, but that's days away. 
Writing this is an attempt to dispel some of my venom ...
nope, not working!

90 degrees, sunny, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

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