Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 1828: Ping & 2 kinds of Pong.

Bill, ink, watercolor & collage

Want music?


Click here for Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole, Unforgettable
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Super tired tonight, almost got out my "emergency dog".
But, cousin Pauline let me use her photos, saving the day & blog.
WonderWoman & I returned from our trip late Tuesday.
Our family from Australia arrived Thursday after a 14 hour flight.

A lot of visiting & a great barbecue by Superman ...

Followed by many many games of ping pong.
And then a new version of beer pong.
The Dads had beer, the guys had water.
The guys won.

Grandhunk #2 and I were cheer squad & spectators!
GH#2 brought home cinnamon knots from his pizza job.

all photos by Pauline

When I left to come home, this was the view ...
being enjoyed by 12 remaining family members.
So to all a good night.

A smile for Friday ...


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