Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 1817: Rita & Ethel ...

Part of Rita, ink, w/c & collage

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Still working on postcards to mail out & get caught up.
I was asked how I determine the faces ...
 usually they just happen, like this one.

step 1

A quick sketch with an ink brush on 4x6" w/c postcard.

step 2

Then a quick splash of watercolor ...

step 3

finishing with junk mail & tissue collage.
I named her Ethel, but she reminds me of Iris Apfel?
Though I wasn't trying to draw Iris?

Sometimes I draw from a magazine or a tv image ...

Rita, steps 1- 3

... it never comes out like I'd like, but merely my version of it.
I named this one Rita, I don't know why?
I hated the sketch & really could have stopped then, but
I pushed on & tolerated the watercolor which was a little better.
Somehow junk mail collage usually saves the day for me.
I ended up thinking she was okay.
My own little soap opera.

A smile for Monday ...

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