Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 1815: Tearing up pages for fun?

HK Harbor, 1990, photography & altered photo

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Along with some others I know, 
I find myself smitten with this mini-journal.

original label
my added junk mail collage face

A 4 x 6" bound mini journal with 110 pages to play in ...
inexpensive, and not really great paper, but
you learn how to blot the excess water & make it work.

And as it fattens up, I love it even more. 
I've torn pages within a mini journal before,  just ...

tearing up pages for fun? I call them interactive pages. 
Usually random, I collage to make them work together.

I thought I might share these eight pages.
It's proving both hard to photograph & explain.
Some imagination may be required as you picture 
flipping through the pages.

page 1 & 2 (page #1 is solid page, #2 has a circular cut out)

Not really finished, but an experiment.

page 3 & 4 (page 3 reverse cut out, #4 a circle, no top or bottom)

page 5 & 6 (page #5 the back of the circle cut out, #6 a top & bottom, no middle)

page 7 & 8, (page 7 backside of top & bottom cut out, #8 solid page.

TMI? ;op


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A smile for Saturday ...

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