Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 1810: Cheap therapy.

ink brush, watercolor & junk mail collage postcard

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You're supposed to get wiser as you get older?
That's right, right?
I am blessed to be from a good family. Really good people.

Not rich, or fancy, but I'd match their goodness with anyone.
We five girls, daughters & cousins, were influenced 
& inspired by the 5 sisters ...
Aunt Fern, Aunt Martha, Aunt Pauline, Aunt Vonda & Dorothy.
They were our matriarchs, the wise ones
& we followed what they set forth.

Nancy, Katha, Grandpa, Donna, me & (front) Marth

They are gone now & we 5 are supposed to be the wise ones?
I do have faith in four ... Katha, Donna, Nancy & Martha.

 . . .
But, even at this advanced age, I am not feeling very wise.
I thought I would have more answers by now.
I thought things would make more sense by now.
I thought I would be better organized by now.
I thought people would be kinder by now.
And, as my Dad said ...
(though I think he got it from someone else?)
"If I knew I was going to last this long, 
I would have taken better care of myself."


 on my version of cheap therapy. 
It usually works for me.
It's a hot afternoon here in the cave ...
I'm feeling a bit lethargic, so will use my tested therapy ...
junk mail collage postcards.

My preference is this pad of postcards
I use all 15 sheets, as well as
the heavy back cardboard (right) ...

 I spread it all out, it's really a mess ...

Can you see the two (yellow arrows above) that I will start with?

step 2

Using scraps & junk mail, 
glue stick & brayer, I play!

step 3
                               step 4

step 5

Junk mail can make a difference.

Still hot & lethargic, but smiling.

A smile for Monday ...

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