Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 1805: A 12 step program ...

Samuel P, postage stamp, drawing, collage, old photo & digital

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Monday night at 11:25 when I had planned on reading ...
I picked up this beat up cancelled postage stamp 

& glued it in my mini journal.

step 1

The opposite page was used & I planned on it being 1 page.

step 2

I added background to just the one page, that was the plan ...

step 3

and I started on the body.

step 4

More body & a lapel.

step 5

Arms, but it's gonna be a hard fit?

step 6

By step 6, this grouchy guy was kicking into the next page!

step 7

Losing control here, but carrying on. Seeing what happens.

step 8

I want 2 legs & arms so ...

step 9

now he has reason to be grouchy & he's still missing an arm.

step 10

Ouch, but all appendages accounted for, sort of.

step 11

Added details. Almost done. 

step 12

Samuel P. Langley, Aviation Pioneer had a hard day
... in my 12 step program.

Family update:
My Superheroes, Grandhunks & Granddog are in Palm Springs.

GH#3, GH#1, WW, SM & GH#2 in PS

Laker surveying his paradise

I chose to stay home, 

me in my natural habitat

to sloth, chill & veg like broccoli.

Book Update: 
During this holiday weekend, 
still on page 369 of the 600 page book.
We sloths, when chillin', don't always take time to read.
Maybe to be finished tonight or tomorrow?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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