Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 1804: "Bravery is easier when you are ignorant of the truth.”

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Do you save old photos? I am so glad that I do.
Yesterday's post here, took a very long time.
I got sidetracked hunting the needed photos &  
sometimes I have ping-pong ball focus.
Anybody remember the early video game pong? Yep.

In the process of looking for a particular favorite, 
which I didn't find, I found so many special others. 
Each picture seems to surface a story or memories.
An example, I found this picture of 5 year old Connor ...


Connor is my cousin Nancy's grandson, 
her daughter Paula's oldest of three sons.
That makes me some kind of cousin, but I go by Aunt jacki.
So seeing the above 2004 photo, I reached nearby for ...
Connor's recent graduation photo and wow, 


that same sweetness is still there.
I will be seeing this fine young man in two weeks, a reunion.

. . .

And I scanned a few others ...


I call this photo ... 
"Funny hat,  great fist."
This is David, my student 
for 8+ years and no he didn't 
normally wear this hat.
This was taken on "hat day" ... 
a normal class in every way, except when the whistle blew
they had to grab a new hat & resume class. Partly for fun, but also to see if they could rein in their focus while they 
& everyone else looked really ridiculous. Instructors wore dumb hats too. We had a fireman hat, beekeeper hat, dunce cap, tiaras, snow caps ... the wilder the better. David was an eagle scout, then a college grad & now married 
& local policeman.
Look at the memories from just one small photo.

You may be wandering why today's blog title?
 "Bravery is easier when you are ignorant of the truth."
True, I think.
But, I paraphrased it from Alexander McCall Smith.
I & some of you like the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series?
They sent me a link for this short story. I lost the link.
If you want it, let me know & I'll email you the 10 page pdf, 
titled The Lion That Was and the Lion That Wasn’t
by Alexander McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith was born in what is now Zimbabwe and taught law at the 
University of Botswana. He is now Professor of Medical Law at the University of Edinburgh. 
He has written more than fifty books, including a number of specialist titles, 
but is best known for The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, 
which has achieved bestseller status on four continents.

If you haven't read his work, this would give you 
an introduction to his gentle way of writing, 
always a feel good read.

Book Update: During this holiday weekend, 
I am on page 369 of the 600 page book.
Maybe to be finished tonight?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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