Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day 1802: A conspiracy afoot!

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Quick story: the other day after teaching, I was extra tired.

I get that way sometimes, bone tired, I call it.
I've discovered that's when weird things happen more easily?
Have you had that happen?
I knew I better get my blog done, quick.
Got on my ancient Mac Pro & he was ailing, couldn't connect.
Oh no! I heard Brandon say in my head, use your new laptop!
I tried & it wouldn't work either. A conspiracy afoot!
I stared at my work space, my head hurt.
I climbed under the adjacent table to get to the wall plug.
I unplugged it all! Take that!

I knew if I took a nap I'd wake up a zombie.
So, I pulled a new novel off my bookshelf ...
 got comfortable on top of my bed and read 
...turns out it was/is a good book!

2 hours later I re-plugged & everything worked.
Like I quoted Anne Lamott in an earlier blog here ...

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes — including you.”

A smile for Sunday ...

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