Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 1798: Gold shoes and a dare.

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It's story time, a current one, but you need to know the past.

WonderWoman & Kerry went to elementary, 
junior high & high school together.
Living just 2 blocks apart they were bff's & still are.
They married the same summer, even
sharing bridesmaid dresses for both weddings.
A few years later they were both pregnant at the same time.
I have a pic of them both pregnant, but they would kill me.

Sedona, Jake, Jordan, Zack, Kylie & Delaney

Kerry had 3 girls, WW had 3 boys, same ages.

Jordan, Kylie, Delaney, Zack, Sedona & Jake

They have all grown up together, living nearby. 
Kerry & WW are honorary aunt/moms to each others kids. 
But this story is about Sedona, Kerry's middle daughter.

Sedona & WW, both being feisty, bonded in a special way.
WW dared Sedona to stand out at her graduation.

Sedona, Delaney, Kylie & WW on the way to graduation.

WW bought & dared Sedona to wear these shoes ...

for her graduation, and she did it!

The shoes were featured in the OC Register (above).
Sedona won the challenge ...
and a pair of designer shoes from WW.

Kylie, Sedona, WW & Delaney

So many memories. 

Kerry, Sedona & WW

And another great one to add.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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