Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 1796: Missed a picnic, went to a party!

My place, Chung King, Hong Kong, photo

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My calendar isn't often so busy as to have multiple events.
But I asked Demura sensei if I might miss our karate picnic
this year as I had attended almost all before. He said yes.

photo by Robert Tjan

It's our annual fun event at beautiful Irvine Park.

photo by Mei Okumura

I missed out there, but I did get to go to a another special party!

Three generations of the Nomura family met at the
Golden Dragon for a surprise birthday lunch for 
the family matriarch, June Nomura. My hero.

June & favorite son-in-law, Mark

And afterwards on to Grandma's house ...

the photo (r) from their 60th anniversary

Greatly missed, Grandpa Tom Nomura,
still in our hearts and thoughts at every gathering.
His obi framed on the wall.

Time for cake!

And what a great cake. Thanks Lori!

And a musical moving candle! Wow!

Happy Birthday June Nomura!

A smile for Monday ...

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