Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 1795: Cutest flower girls ever!

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Years & years ago, 55 to be exact, there was a wedding.
And in that wedding were the cutest flower girls ever. Ever!

Alans & Carmen

Cousin Katha's daughters were 4 and 2, and perfect!

Alana went first, so Carmen could follow her example.
Their job, to drop rose petals every so often.

Carmen forgot that part & when she noticed ...
she dropped a whole tiny fist full in one place.
My Dad & I were waiting our turn & had a perfect view.
He let out with a huge laugh.
I think it was his favorite memory.

When I was hunting up these photos ...
I found a swatch of the bridesmaid & flower girls dress fabric.

antique gold satin

And yes, they did have color photography back then, but ...
we were on a budget, so opted for sepia.
The wedding cost $400. 
I designed the bridal & bridesmaid gowns & flower girl dresses.

Ruth Shoemaker made them all from just my drawings!
As members, we were able to use the church free.
The Minister fee was $50, the license $5. 

The reception was cake & lemonade in the church basement.

Simpler times, but even then it was a bargain.

A smile for Sunday ...

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