Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day 1778: Bait and switch!

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Just one of my annoying habits, that bugs me,
but evidently not enough to change ...
bait & switch.
You know, a sales tactic where a customer is attracted 
by the advertisement of a low-priced item but 
is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one.
Okay, not that, but ...
I'm talking about when I have something I should be doing
& I switch to something irrelevant but more appealing.
My version of
bait & switch. Do you do that?

I have signed up for a great online class with Lynn Whipple ... 

it started in May & her students are doing fabulous work
& they posting on their Making Faces FB page. 
I love their work & I am five lessons behind.
Did I mention I am a master procrastinator?

So when I should be preparing for the class I teach tomorrow
I am playing catch up for Lynn's class ...

Still way behind! Do you do that?

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

3 month old Shogun, 4 year old future WonderWoman

A smile for Thursday ...

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