Monday, June 12, 2017

Day 1782: 2 hours with 2 Grandhunks!

"June Geisha", collage, old photo & digital

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Click here for George Benson, Just the two of us.
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Breakfast with my Grandhunks is special. 
We try for once a month, but like most teens, they are busy.
It worked today for 2 out of 3 GH's, GH#1 was out of town.

It was a perfect Grandma day, rainy!
These geraniums also love the rain.

We like breakfast at Kimmie's in Anaheim Hills, 
great food but it's always busy. 

I don't think we've ever gone without a wait.
 During the wait I got some weirdo pics?

(l-R) GH#2, GH#3 & cute dog on Kimmie's patio

I took foodie shots, but not quick enough to get untouched.
Can you guess who ate what?

After, in a GH tradition, they wanted to stop by ...

Did you know they have a doggie version of "salad bars"?

And a bakery? Who knew?

And lots of colorful pet stuff!

Interesting note:
I enjoyed on all the great colorful displays
but, I thought I remembered that dogs are colorblind?
I googled, and as is often the case, I was wrong again!
No, dogs are not colorblind in the sense that 
they see more than just black, white, and gray. 
However, the color range they perceive is 
limited compared to the spectrum we see. 
To put it in very basic terms, the canine color field 
consists mostly of yellows, blues, and violets.
So that orange is for me, right?

Then I visited of few residents ...

some were minimally interested ...

but this one was ready for his close-up.


A smile for Monday ...

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