Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 1780: in search of energy!

"i", ink, watercolor, marker & collage

Want music?


Click here for Yello, OhYeah
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?

If you played today's music you can tell I am in search of energy!
I don't think you can listen to it without moving?
Friday morning is trash day, so trash is out.
Laundry is in, everything is in it & so I wore nicer pants.
Then I picked out a never worn, nicer top to go with it and ...
I actually thought, I look nice! I should go somewhere!
I wear the same jeans & a generic top most of the time,
so what am I saving the good stuff for? Just sayin'.

Anybody hearing me out there?

as mentioned in my blog here, I am woefully behind
all the 800 amazing artists & super-achievers!
I am just finishing lesson 2. They are on lesson 6!
They post their creative takes on Lynn's assignments
and I am in awe & find more reasons to procrastinate!
Today was my day for a class catch up & the day is not over 
and I am hoping to make something to show here.
I don't post this silly blog till 12:03AM. There is hope.

"blueman", ink. pastel & marker

This one was already started in my journal, I just added to it, 
maybe overdid it, but that's part of learning too.
Lynn stresses using at least 3 different tools. 
Turns out, that makes it more fun. Richer, I think.

I always do too many. I guess I think the more I have ...
the better the odds of lucking into a good one?

1,2,3,4,5+ , graphite, watercolor, marker & collage
1,2,3,4,5, graphite, watercolor, marker & collage

This one above looked severe, so like in real life ...
sunglasses come in handy.

jp, ink, watercolor, Montana marker & collage

I still have more to finish & then on to lesson 3!
The two week, six lesson class is done as of today, but ...
I can still access the lessons. A good thing.

A smile for Saturday ...

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