Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 1771: Big time drama in a tiny space!

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Norma did it again.
Bless her heart, she comments on this silly blog almost daily.
Giving me feedback & sometimes a pat on the back 
or an idea that I need.
She had no way of knowing the big time drama 
that happened yesterday in this tiny space.
Norma said, "Can we see more?"
As Wednesday's blog was short, truncated, unusually succinct?

You see, yesterday, artist/buddy Beatriz & I 
had a long overdue play-date here.
So before she came, I started on Day#1770 blog 
by making some collage cards.
She arrived after lunch, and there was much news, 
talking & art work to do.

work in progress by Beatriz

Let me sidestep for a minute & describe Beatriz, 
for those of you who aren't as lucky & don't know her.
Beatriz is "soul & sunshine" that pours out ...
of a tiny package. You'd love her too.
The kind who your soul immediately recognizes as 
special & needed on your first sight.
Now I don't invite just everybody to my tiny home.
For one thing, it's not as clean & judgement ready 
as it should be & as I would like it to be.
But Beatriz accepts you as you are & it's okay.
As I have said, I like low maintenance plants & people.

Oh I do rattle on! 
Finally at 7:30 we were hungry & went to Naan & Kabob, 

a local Persian eatery.
Well fed & mellow we returned to our collage projects. 
Then it happened.
I pulled up my earlier started blog, the images were gone? 
I refreshed & the whole thing was gone.
All this is on my old Mac, "my significant other", 
my antique 2006 Mac Pro.

In his prime he was the biggest, baddest guy out there, 
he could do anything.
Now, like me, he is slowing & aging, but I stay with him, 
I wait on him, a lot! I try to keep him active.
As some of you know, last year I splurged on the new, 
slim & mighty Mac Pro lap top ...

that out powers, out speeds & outdoes this big old guy. 
But it is still new & uncomfortable to me.
So I opened the laptop looking for my blog post & it was gone too!
Beatriz saw my near melt-down first hand,
I actually said, "I may not have a blog tomorrow!"
That's not earthshaking really, 
but when you've done this every day, for
1770 days in a row, dang, you hate to blow it? 
So I moved everything from the old Mac Pro desktop 
onto an external hard drive & clearing it up and trying to make
it easier for the old guy to think. Still no blog.
With no divine help coming, I crawled under the desk 
(not a pretty sight!) & unplugged everything.
I waited. 
Then I re-plugged and rebooted. Success & almost tears.
I had #1770 short & minimal, but there!
So relieved to have survived the drama.
Beatriz in her wisdom, said "do you think the universe is trying to tell you something?"  Probably.

TMI?  I agree.

And, if you were somewhere near Brandon, 
you would see him pulling out his hair ... 
mumbling something about getting me out of my 2006 into 2017! 
God bless Brandon & his patience with me.

71 degrees, overcast, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday  ...

Brandon Nomura, Daniel Yang, Jason Alduenda & Tony Cappuccilli, 1992

A smile for Thursday ...

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